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Fountain Day School offers a true feeling of community, in which children learn how to live, work and play together while receiving much-needed love and attention. If you would like your child to have a place that feels like home, Fountain Day School offers a unique learning experience.


"If you have the opportunity to send your child to Fountain Day School go for it. My daughter is in her final year here & it's hard to imagine saying goodbye next year. My 4 year old looks forward to going to school everyday. She has had wonderful teachers each year and has made so many amazing friends. She has developed into a smart, kind, curious & happy kid. This school makes learning fun. She gets daily opportunities to be creative & is proud to show us all of her work. Fountain Day School is diverse which is important to us. They celebrate all backgrounds and their holidays. Lunch is made by a parent chef daily and the kids & teachers love it. On top of all of this they have the most amazing pool with a solar paneled retractable roof that they can open in the summer. The kids get swim lessons year round. Our daughter learned to swim here & Ms Mary who owns the school spent so much time working with her in the water to instill confidence & focus. We are so grateful to be a part of this incredibly special community."

"Of all the schools we toured this had the most impressive collection of energetic enthused teachers and most broad range experiences and opportunities for the kids. Loving it!"

"I love everything about this school! Some of the highlights are: 1. Great teachers and staff, lots of individualized attention. 2. Activities galore: petting zoos, touch tanks, carnival, ethnic dancers, yoga, puppet shows, field trips... 3. Year-round swimming lessons 4. Hot lunch provided daily from Whole Foods 5. Diversity! An incredibly diverse bunch, even by LA standards!"

"Our child has been attending FDS for the past three years and we love it. The sense of community at this school is very strong and wonderfully multi cultural. This is a warm, loving environment for children. They borrow from lots of schools of education and create a wonderful atmosphere for learning and growth."

"We adore this school! Every member of the faculty and every room in the building is filled with dedication and passion for their students and teaching. It takes a village and this school is a trusted part of ours."


“It's been 12 years since my son finished 3 years at Fountain Day School. He's now an entering Freshman at Columbia in NYC. To this day, I see the positive influence those early years at Fountain Day School gave my son, an adoptee at 3 from Foster Care. After my first two weeks as a new parent I was exhausted and knew I needed to get my new son into preschool for his sake and to give myself a chance to catch my breath. A parent at the park suggested Fountain Day School. They were almost done with spring term and about to start summer but they accepted him. By the end of that summer he not only learned to swim but led the show. By the end of Kindergarten my little boy was Co-Valedictorian. What do I attribute this to? A structured, loving, personal environment which the founders started and their daughters continued. A safe place where the kids learn early that, while important, they are not the center of the universe and that they must learn to wait their turn, stand in line, and be kind. My son flourished there, he made friends at 3 who are still his friends 15 years later. The hours they were open allowed me to work full time and still be able to drop him off and pick him up after work. They served him food from Whole Foods, and he developed a decent love for veggies from that. He danced and sang and read and learned and swam. And he took from there an advantage that helped carry him all through the next 12 years and now into Ivy League. I will ever be grateful to Andrew. Miss Mary, and all the teachers from Fountain Day, for the start they helped me give my son."  


"This review is long overdue. My oldest son just graduated from FDS and my little boy is now in the three year old class. I knew from the beginning that this is the school I want to send my kids. I had friends that had highly recommended the school and once we got in, I realized why. They have the most wonderful teachers and staff. The best swim program. They potty train your child and provide lunches from Whole Foods. Not only have they had a great influence on my kids socially and emotionally, they have helped me on how to fix my behavior and treat certain situations.

I honestly didn't realize what a gem this school is, until the pandemic hit. The school reopened recently and I sent my kids back as soon as I heard the great news. I am sooooo impressed by the level of precautions the school has taken. The classrooms are much smaller and the kids are all in their own pods the entire time. The level of communication the school has had with us and their transparency has been wonderful. Thank you Fountain Day School. " 

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